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How does climate change impact humans’ relationship with the sea?

An orange and yellow sunset above ocean waves.

A part of the VIU spring 2022 Science and Technology Community Lecture Series

Dr. Rhy McMillan explores how archaeology, geochemistry and geology can be used to examine relationships between humans and the sea in the Pacific Northwest and how these relationships have been impacted by shifting sea levels and climate change over the last 10,000 years. He examines these connections during his VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture on March 9.

McMillan earned a BA in Anthropology and Earth Science from VIU and a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of British Columbia. He blends geochemistry and archaeology in his quest to create equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities and produce additional lines of archaeological evidence in collaboration with oral history and Indigenous science. McMillan’s research adapts and enhances traditional archaeological approaches by integrating sophisticated geochemical and spectroscopic techniques providing robust and detailed information that can be used to interpret the source, identity and movement of ancient humans and their belongings through space and time. 

Watch McMillan’s lecture:

The VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for scientists to engage with the broader VIU faculty, students and community in ongoing research and science initiatives that are occurring in our regional and local coastal communities.


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