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How is climate change associated with anxiety?

Headshot of Dr. Lindsay McCunn, wearing a grey blazer and smiling.

A part of the VIU spring 2022 Science and Technology Community Lecture Series

Dr. Lindsay McCunn discussed how climate change is associated with anxiety and how psychology relates to climate action and decision making in her VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture on March 23.

McCunn is a VIU Psychology Professor and the Director of VIU’s Environmental Psychology Research Lab. She is also the Principal of McCunn & Associates Consulting. McCunn received her BA, MSc and PhD at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. She is currently undertaking additional graduate education in applied neuroscience with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience via distance learning at King’s College London in the UK. Her research is published in several interdisciplinary journals that merge social science with engineering, sustainability, community planning, health care design and facilities management. She is the Chair of the environmental psychology section of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Chair‐Elect of the Environmental Design Research Association. She is also a member‐at‐large of the Canadian National Panel for the International Union of Psychological Science and an Associate Editor for the Cities & Health journal. 

Watch McCunn’s lecture:

The VIU Science and Technology Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for scientists to engage the broader VIU faculty, students and community in ongoing research and science initiatives that are occurring in our regional and local coastal communities.



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