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Culture Kitchen

Culture Kitchen
Author: Simon Schachner, Faculty of International Education

VIU International Education’s weekly online cooking show

Culture Kitchen is a weekly online cooking show that airs live every Tuesday at 5 pm on the VIU Cultural Connections Facebook page. It is hosted and produced by Simon Schachner, Intercultural Program Coordinator for the Faculty of International Education.

Each week Simon invites a different VIU student or recent alumnus to demonstrate step by step how to make one of their favourite dishes or snacks. The program has garnered a considerable following of students, alumni, staff and community members. Simon believes its success is in its simplicity:

“It’s one take. It’s live. It’s fun. And people get to see their friends and classmates sharing culinary traditions from their home countries which is actually quite interesting. It’s also just a great way to highlight and honour the cultural diversity in our student community; something I think people really appreciate.”

Culture Kitchen


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