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Patricia Erb will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Laws for her efforts to give a voice to the disappeared and disadvantaged.

Honouring a Voice for the Disappeared

May 22, 2019

Patricia Erb, survivor of the “Dirty War” in Argentina and presently the Executive Director of Crossroads International, will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Laws for her efforts to give a voice to the disappeared and disadvantaged.  As one of the only survivors of the infamous Campo de Mayo, the site of the genocide and kidnapping of over 30,000 people during the de facto military dictatorship... Read more

VIU Honours Lawyer for Helping Shape Canada's Legal History

January 23, 2019

Marvin Storrow believes that even though something is law doesn’t always mean it is just or right. An accomplished lawyer with 55 years’ experience, Storrow has challenged the law numerous times, and due to his determination and courage he has steered the course of legal history in Canada. Storrow’s legal contribution towards getting formal recognition of Indigenous rights and title through the... Read more

VIU Honours First Nations Advocate with Honorary Degree

May 29, 2018

Gene Anne Joseph, the first librarian of First Nations heritage in BC, will receive Doctor of Laws at VIU’s June 5 convocation ceremony Since childhood, Gene Anne Joseph was always happiest with a book in hand. “My parents and family would joke that I wouldn’t move in an earthquake if I was reading,” Joseph says. Joseph’s father had an elementary-level education in federal Indian day school and... Read more

VIU Honours Tireless Fighter for Human Rights with Honorary Degree

February 7, 2018

Dr. Jennifer Wade receives Doctor of Laws at February Convocation As long as she can remember, Dr. Jennifer Wade has had a deep sense of the importance of fairness. Starting back on the playground at school, she has been fighting for people who haven’t been able to make their voices heard.    “I think it was my Scottish mother. She felt strongly about unfairness,” says Wade. “It was stressed to... Read more