The blessings of a new season

Employee BBQ

Employees enjoying the June 1 Celebration at the Nanaimo Campus. Events were held at Powell River and Cowichan as well. 

June 15, 2022 - 12:15pm

As we move into summer, calendar-wise if not weather-wise, I would like to reflect in this issue of VIU Voices about coming together.

I am grateful for the chance to connect with many of you at our June 1 taco celebration.

This was the largest employee event in quite a while, going back before the pandemic. Some of our longest-serving employees said it may have been our largest ever. As a person involved in organizing these things, I rarely stop to actually enjoy them. However, at this one, I had a chance to slow down and look around. It was soul-filling to see people reconnecting, sharing laughs, and simply being together in community – without any of the reminders of the pandemic. Whatever happens in the future – it has been a relief to enjoy in-person company for this moment.

The recognitions from the President and the Provost were welcome for all the hard work and unique challenges of the last two years. I have always been a proud employee of VIU, but the last two years have humbled me in the exceptional character and desire to do the kind of good work that you, my colleagues, have displayed. I am proud to stand next to you in the recognition of the President’s Special Award for Service Excellence. To the teaching faculty – your dedication to our learners and their success under these adverse circumstances is inspiring. Congratulations to you all for the Provost’s Special Teaching Award for Outstanding Achievement.  

As we begin to take some time off and raise our heads up from our computers, I believe the summer weather will help us renew and enjoy ourselves. Soak up the sun, spend time in nature, enjoy your loved-ones and friends. Have a wonderful summer.

Aly Winks

Aly Winks

VIU Voices Editor

Tags: In the Community

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