Alumni Feature: From Nanaimo to Hollywood: Alex Pangburn

January 5, 2018 - 3:30pm

By Jenn McGarrigle


VIU Theatre alum Alex Pangburn’s acting career has taken off this year. He managed to snag several roles recently that have given him the chance to work with high-profile actors and directors, including in the popular post-apocalyptic TV series The 100.

“Playing Hayes on The 100 was an awesome experience and I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with such a talented cast and crew. Everyone was so inclusive and made me feel very comfortable,” says Pangburn. “I’ve been fortunate enough to find my passion at a very young age. To be honest, it’s felt like I’ve never had a choice or decision to make — I’ve always known that this is what I wanted to do.”

After graduating from VIU’s Technical Theatre Diploma program in 2009, Pangburn went on to complete his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of British Columbia in 2012. While theatre was his initial passion, he has become more and more interested in film. 

“One thing I love about film is that I feel like I can be intimate and honest with my scene partners without needing to sell it to a large house of people, like in theatre,” he says. “There’s also less of an expectation of transformation in film. I can just be me in the circumstances and that helps make the work feel more sincere as well. I will always jump at a good theatre opportunity when it comes up, but for now, my main focus is film and TV.”

Fans can also find Pangburn in Midnight Sun, a movie starring Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Rob Riggle; several other recent movies; and a role in a Subway/Star Wars commercial. Follow Pangburn’s achievements in film and TV on his page.

*This article originally appeared in the Winter 2017/18 edition of VIU Magazine. Check out more stories on the VIU Magazine webpage.

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