Alum of the Month: Sarah Dmytruk

VIU Welding alum Sarah Dmytruk loves her career so much, she's been going to high schools to inspire the next generation to try a career in the trades.

February 28, 2020 - 5:15pm

At just 16 years old, Sarah Dmytruk’s passion for welding inspired her to enroll in VIU’s Welding certificate program as a dual-credit student, which means she earned credits to complete high school while getting her basic training to become a welder. Now two years later, having also recently earned her Welding Level B ticket, the 18-year-old is enjoying her career with B&F Manufacturing Ltd.

“I had set my mind on being a chemical engineer, then in Grade 10 I took a metal work class and I was hooked – all my other dreams just went out the window,” she remembers. “I knew I had to be a welder.”

Dmytruk loves her career so much, she’s been going to high schools to inspire the next generation to try a career in the trades.

“If you enroll as a dual-credit student, you can get your training before you even finish high school,” she adds. “It’s definitely worth it. The teachers are very supportive and make sure you get any help you need.”


What motivated you to enroll in VIU’s welding program?

I’m passionate about making both art and useful products. I also grew up learning about the trades from my family members, who inspired me. My uncle is an automotive electrician, my grandpa was a heavy duty mechanic/service manager and two of my great-grandfathers were machinists.


What are you doing now?

I am currently working at B&F Manufacturing, a local shop that makes industrial parts washers. VIU’s Heavy Duty Mechanics program has one of ours, along with every Finning shop across North America and we even have a few of our washers in Russia. I also hope to start a small business soon selling some of my art online.


What do you like most about your job?

I love the satisfaction of standing back and looking at a project I just finished, then telling people, “I built that!” and seeing the look of astonishment on their faces. I also really enjoy working with my hands and facing and overcoming challenges every day with the various projects I work on.


What advice would you give another female considering entering the welding trade?

Being a young lady in the welding trade is certainly different. I would tell other females looking into not just welding, but trades in general, not to give up. You are not alone in the workforce, it is beyond rewarding to choose a job you are in love with.


And you’re still connected to VIU?

I volunteer in the welding shop with some of the one-week classes and summer camps. My instructor, David Drury, has asked me to help out with a few off-campus events such as career fairs at the high schools. I take every opportunity I can to speak to young people about careers in the trades and have spoken to some local Sparks and Brownies groups, as well as a tech talk at the University of Victoria.


Tell us more about the tech talk you recently participated in at UVic.

I was asked by the Industry Training Authority to attend on their behalf and speak about my career in the trades. It was organized into multiple break-out sessions for Grade 9 and 10 students from local high schools, and I got to share my experiences with other young people trying to figure out their career paths. I met many other inspiring women who shared their stories about working in the technology industry.

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