5 Questions

Headshot of Dr. Melissa Huggan.

5 Questions with Melissa Huggan

May 31, 2023

Dr. Melissa Huggan, a Vancouver Island University (VIU) Math Professor, received the 2022 Kirkman Medal from the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA). The award recognizes excellent research by fellows or associate fellows of the ICA early in their research careers.  “She is a... Read more

Headshot of Stephen Hume

5 Questions with Stephen Hume

January 20, 2023

Stephen Hume, a Vancouver Island University (VIU) Creative Writing and Journalism Professor, received the Bruce Hutchinson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jack Webster Foundation. The award, which Hume received this July, recognizes the exemplary careers of BC journalists. It is presented to... Read more

A clear path that has had the snow shoveled off of it with bright blue sky.

5(ish) Questions with Burke Gulbranson

December 6, 2022

Snowy conditions have brought an early-season dose of winter to Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia. This means VIU’s snow removal crews have already had their share of starts in the middle of the night to clear the snow and ice from our campuses. We asked Burke Gulbranson, Director of... Read more

Kelly Black looks off to the horizon with a mountain in the distance.

5 Questions with Kelly Black

September 27, 2022

Kelly Black, a Vancouver Island University Adjunct History Professor, received the Anne and Philip Yandle Best Article Award from the BC Historical Federation this June. The article, “Explaining Settlers to Ourselves: Rethinking interpretive narratives at heritage sites” was published in the spring... Read more

Whitney Wood stands on the Jeopardy! stage with host Mayim Bialik.

5 Questions with Whitney Wood

August 23, 2022

Dr. Whitney Wood crossed one more thing off her bucket list this summer when she appeared on Jeopardy! in June. The audition process started in 2019 and was delayed because of the pandemic, but in the spring of 2022 she got the call to appear on the show. The episode was taped at the end of April... Read more

5 Questions with Joy Gugeler

August 11, 2022

Joy Gugeler teaches Creative Writing, Journalism and Media Studies courses at Vancouver Island University (VIU).  This summer, Gugeler was nominated for the Karen Virag Award from the Editors’ Association of Canada. She also arranged a First Book Canada pop-up book event at the VIU Nanaimo campus... Read more